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two crazy souls

The Madi Things Story

Nobody could imagine that after crossing paths in Albania at a music festival, two hippies would come together to form a brand! Madi Things was born out of the brains of our artist, Madhavi. As a teenager at an Art college, all Madi wanted to do was share her artsy "things" - drawings, videos, illustrations, clay figurines etc. Art is what she pursued and deep dived into the industry. Young and bright, full of passion to create. Working as a Designer, she took up jobs and on the side, gave wings to Madi Things through social media. Her art started touching people and reaching an audience. She started with custom commissions through Facebook, but always envisioned a brand that could build a creative community.

Enter Edward Gordon in her life. The bond was over music, art, and deep conversations. While this friendship was budding, they spoke about taking Madi Things to the next level. Edward came with years of brilliant experience working with various corporates before being a part of his own start ups. The two coming together somehow just fit and as cliche as it sounds, the rest is beautiful history. After what seemed like the greatest test of grit and hard-work, Madi Things made an entrance!

Every artwork on the website has been conceptualized and designed by Madi. Heavily inspired by music, nature and other art forms. Go ahead and experience the story behind every piece in the descriptions :)